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Vets Jobs: Capital Plan Manager

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Capital Plan Manager


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Athens, OH 


Business Development, Finance


$43,465-$56,504 per year

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Full time



Job Description:

OHIO University is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Capital Plan Manager with the University Planning & Space Management department.

Established in 1804, OHIO University is the oldest public institution of higher learning in the state of Ohio and the first in the Northwest Territory. Located in the scenic Appalachian foothills, its classic residential campus in Athens, Ohio, is one of the most attractive in the nation.

The University Capital Improvement plan reflects University project priorities and strategies in the next six-year window. It is guided by the University’s Strategic Vision and priorities as well as the University’s Comprehensive Master Plan. The process to develop the CIP is a complex planning effort involving input of faculty, staff, students, and alumni from all disciplines and functions across the University.
The position of Capital Improvement Plan Manager was introduced to the campus last year to assist in the facilitation of the multi-step and multi-layer planning process. The position assists multiple areas that are responsible in building the plan (University Planning & Space Management, Facilities & Safety, Budget Planning & Analysis, Treasury Management, Architecture, Design & Construction)

Duties include:
1. Manages the Capital Improvement Plan schedule and deadlines to ensure all components and units/departments meet specified target deadlines
• Coordinates duties of multiple areas at the institution that are responsible for developing the Capital Improvement Plan (Example: Facilities & Safety, Budget Planning & Analysis, Treasury Management, University Planning & Space Management)
• Organizes and coordinates meetings with units and departments to gather capital improvement plan project information and feedback
• Helps to facilitate the process of vetting the CIP draft and finalization of the plan for approvals
• Coordinates with the State of Ohio for Capital Appropriation submittals for upcoming biennium
2. Analyzes and organizes Capital Plan and active project data for entry into the Capital Improvement Plan Database (25%)
• Creates, exports, and organizes reports from the Capital Plan Database to be used for decision making at the institution
3. Organizes various data sets and creates visual tools/charts to analyze CIP impact in areas such as financials, facility ages, and deferred maintenance
4. Assists in the development of capital improvement project cash flows and provides financial information to Treasury Management and Budget Planning & Analysis for financial capacity, affordability, and liquidity review
5. Serves as a central source of information for the Capital Improvement Plan including but not limited to:
• Prioritized projects in the current CIP (I.E. bucketed projects and the data included in these line items)
• Metrics used to show the impact of the CIP (deferred maintenance backlog, building age, debt portfolio etc.)
• Project scopes and descriptions as articulated in the CIP
• Targeted funding sources and respective amounts

Job Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in Project Management, Accounting, Planning, Architecture, Engineering
• Minimum 3 years work related experience
• Minimum 3 years supervisory or managerial experience
Company Info
Ohio University
169 W. Union Street
Athens, OH, United States

Phone: 740-5936-0156
Web Site:

Company Profile

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