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Xilinx is the world's leading provider of All Programmable FPGAs, SoCs and 3D ICs. These industry-leading devices are coupled with a next-generation design environment and IP to serve a broad range of customer needs, from programmable logic to programmable systems integration. Our All Programmable devices underpin today's most advanced electronics. Among the broad range of end markets we serve are:
  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Automotive
  • Broadcast
  • Consumer
  • High Performance Computing
  • Industrial / Scientific / Medical (ISM)
  • Wired
  • Wireless

The candidate would work within the Software Verification team focusing on the Vivado Design Suite and SDAccel Development Environment. This internally focused group works directly with Product Marketing, Applications and Engineering teams to do manual testing, create and maintain automated tests and provide feedback.
The specific focus areas for this position are the Vivado HLx  and SDAccel Development Environment . Vivado HLx Editions, accelerates IP creation by enabling C, C++ and System C specifications to be directly targeted into Xilinx All Programmable devices.  The SDAccel™ development environment is a tool suite for compiling OpenCL™ programs into a Xilinx® FPGA device.
The expected tasks include:
  • Defining use models, scope, and priority for new software features.
  • Creating test plans from product specifications.
  • Carrying out manual testing of test plans on new features.
  • Maintaining and creating automated tests for various product areas.
  • Collaborating with other testing resources to ensure comprehensive testing of features.
  • Performing manual testing exploring customer design flows.
  • Change request (CR) authoring, validation, and management
  • Customer issue escalation support
The expected competencies for the candidate include:
Product Knowledge
  • Has understanding of High Level Synthesis
  • Has understanding of the entire FPGA design process and tool flow.
  • Has a basic understanding of testing methodology.
Problem Solving
  • Triage and troubleshoot to diagnose root cause and potential workarounds.
  • Identifies CRs or knowledge gaps
  • Able to reproduce complex issues
  • Ability to handle and solve simple system level issues
Process Management
  • Verifies CRs
  • Has CRs assigned to them for MI (More Information)
  • Files quality CRs.
  • Offers suggestions for process improvement.
  • Drives implementation of process improvements.
Technical Communication and Training
  • Can simplify more complex subjects and make them understandable.
  • Can communicate with other groups to completely understand specifications and testing requirements.
  • Can author accurate documentation, proposals, and testplans for their functional areas under guidance and review.
  • Can solve problems with expert help
Testing Acumen
  • Reviews and understands testing methodology to ensure broad and complete coverage.
  • Collaborates with other hardware and software groups to ensure effective component integration within the larger system
  • Helps manage regression suites for products, and contributes to the tool flow
  • Creates environment and infrastructure to test designs in a customer-like environment, and running test scenarios
  • Bachelors/Masters degree in Electronics, Electrical or Computer Engineering
  • Knowledge of C/C++
  • Knowledge of Perl or TCL
  • Good understanding of digital logic design principles.
  • Good time management, organization, teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills and motivated to learn.
  • 1-2 years of Electronics design experience.
  • Knowledge of OpenCL
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2100 Logic Dr.
San Jose, CA, United States

Phone: (408) 879-6085
Web Site: www.xilinx.com

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