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Vets Jobs: Lean Engineering Manager

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Lean Engineering Manager


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Galion, OH 



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Full time



Job Description:

This position is located in Galion Oh, under the immediate supervision of the President and is responsible for implementing LEAN Manufacturing principles and developing a process improvement program.  The person in this position is responsible for develop, design and  implementing a plant wide Lean process improvement program, including the deployment of training and other duties that will enhance organizational efficiency and support a culture of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
Lean Deployment and Facilitation: Develop and implement an action plan for the deployment of all aspects of the companies Lean process improvement program, including, but not limited to kaizen, 5S, value stream mapping, and design and lead Lean Six Sigma events.  Responsible for working with department managers in identifying areas for process improvement events, establishing objectives for each project, and selecting cross-functional team members and leaders.  Act in the capacity of the facilitator for each event.  Coordinate each project/event phase and ensure that participants and stakeholders have the tools and resources they need, necessary information, and guidance to enable them to fully engage in the process and maximize the potential outcome of each event.
Tracking Progress: Develop and implement an action plan for tracking, analyzing and reporting return on investment of programs that have undergone process improvement initiatives.  Monitor the progress of projects, including ongoing status reviews.  Ensure that the database is current relative to process improvement activities.  Responsible for coordinating and participating in 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, 6-month, and 1-year follow-up meetings for each event to ensure follow-up activities are completed and improvements are realized and maintained.  Develop a comprehensive report which delineates the status and outcomes of each event, including, but not limited to, efficiencies gained, increased customer satisfaction and/or reduced costs or savings realized.  Conduct formal reviews with the management team on a monthly basis to review accomplishments, identify areas for improvement, and respond to questions.
Training: Coordinate the training of Galion LLC. staff on Lean process improvement techniques, including a plan for deployment of training to all company staff.  Ensure that tools, resources, and instructional materials are developed, updated as necessary, and maintained to meet ongoing needs.  Establish a library of learning materials, both electronic and paper, which can be made available to interested staff.  Conduct research focused on benchmarking world-class business process performance at other agencies and utilize findings to assist supervisors in establishing tangible measures of time, cost, and quality.
Communications: Develop and implement an effective strategy for communicating the status and results of Galion LLC. improvement efforts to partners, customers, and staff.  This includes, but is not limited to, the development of an Internet presence to showcase departmental activities.  Keep staff informed of revised procedures and methods and related work changes as implemented.
Education: BS degree in Engineering, Business or equivalent is required. Masters level degree or equivalent is helpful. Advanced business or technical degree and formal training / certification in project management, quality management, six sigma, and lean concepts are required.
Experience: Five years of experience leading large Lean/Six Sigma projects. Thorough understanding of broad business and manufacturing practices is preferred. Thorough understanding and application of lean principles including Kaizen, 5s, Pull Systems, Kanban, Set-Up Reduction, TPM, Value Stream Mapping, and Visual Factory. Thorough understanding of multiple business areas including Operations, Supply Chain, Engineering, New Product Development, Quality Assurance and/or Quality Control.
Skills: Applies experience and knowledge at many levels. Demonstrates the ability to drive, lead, and influence major and complex projects. Applies advanced problem solving and significant decision making abilities to get to the root of the process requirements and reduce non-value added activities. Builds relationships and has the ability to become a true business partner with the internal customer. Develops effective business processes with minimal complexity. Demonstrates broad general business acumen.

Job Requirements:

  1.  The Engineering Manager is responsible for directly managing, supporting and providing direction and leadership to the Senior Project Engineers, Project Engineers, Field Engineers, Field Technicians and Project Coordinators.
  2. Will be responsible for managing his/her team as well as their financial performance while also taking part in client management and business development.
  3. Must possess proven track record and excellent customer relation skills, be innovative, an excellent coach/mentor, capable presenter
  4. Needs strong financial and analytical skills familiar with MRP and ERP systems.
  5. Responsibilities include leadership and guidance to support the growth and development of other engineering staff members.
  6. Engineering Director is responsible for the management and execution of multiple projects and resources. Responsibilities include the design, construction, operations and maintenance or commissioning of over 250,000 square feet of projects. Must maintain client relationships while also supporting the engineering manager in the training
  7. Implementing creative ideas in the process of manufacturing and understanding the technicalities related with the products
  8. Improving the manufacturing process by implementing engineering concepts and optimizing the production of the products
  9. Controlling the design issues and making sure that they have the ability to compete with other products in the market
  10. Configuring the products and providing product specifications to the teams involved in documentation to help prepare guides and manual
  11. Deciding the cost of the products by analyzing the cost of raw material and overall production cost
  12. Working with the manufacturing department and help them understand the technical concepts that should be looked after during the manufacturing process of the products
  13. Working closely with the quality assurance team to make sure that the product is meeting the quality constraints as well
  14. Documenting the detailed product specifications marinating them for future reference and help during any kind of up-gradations made in the products
Minimum qualifications include 15+ years of engineering experience including 10 years of management experience. PE, LEED AP or CCP is required.
Company Info
Galion LLC
515 North East Street
Galion, OH, United States

Phone: 419-468-5214
Web Site: Galionllc.com

Company Profile

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