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Vets Jobs: Compliance Coordinator

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Compliance Coordinator


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Cincinnati, OH 


Design, Management

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Mission Statement: The Coordinator –  Compliance & Internal Controls supports the Director - Compliance & Internal Controls for OPW to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, accounting rules and regulations.


The Coordinator –   Compliance & Internal Controls provides support to the Director - Compliance & Internal Controls providing and/or assisting with documentation, implementation and testing of controls.  The Coordinator –  Compliance & Internal Controls assists with audits, documents results, and follows up to ensure that corrective actions are taken and issues addressed.


  • Ensure the design, documentation, and implementation of  appropriate financial policies and procedures are implemented in all OPW  locations as defined by the Director –  Compliance & Internal Controls
  • Routinely perform tests of the efficacy of financial controls based on risk assessment.
  • Educate OPW employees on risk, control environment, controls implemented, and required documentation for testing as defined by the Director – Compliance & Internal Controls
  • Work with the Director - Compliance & Internal Controls to implement changes in accounting policy and practice.
  • Inform the Director - Compliance & Internal Controls of risks, control gaps, and corrective actions required.
  • Perform financial and, when required, operational audits at all locations of OPW.
  • Serve as a primary interface with external audit groups responding to requests in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.
  • Provide support to the Director - Compliance & Internal Controls Director - Compliance & Internal Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley section 404 compliance efforts at all OPW sites.
  • Maintain knowledge of current internal audit standards and practices.
  • Investigate and document compliance issues as identified by the Director –  Compliance & Internal Controls
  • Coordinates compliance with Integrity Counts course requirements with all OPW units
  • Assists and provides backup to the Director for Help Desk request approvals, import/export transactions, and risk management activities

Required Skills
  • Degree in Accounting and/or finance from an accredited university, or near completion of degree.
  • A minimum of 3 years professional accounting/finance experience.
  • Internal audit, accounting, or related experience in a public or private company.
Company Info
OPW Dover

United States

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Company Profile

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