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Vets Jobs: Director IT

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Director IT


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Cincinnati, OH 


Information Technology, Management

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Summary: Under the general direction of the CFO, the incumbent will be responsible for leading the planning, deployment and support of the Global Information Technology operation while ensuring that IT programs and initiatives align to enterprise objectives and strategy.  Systems include ERP, engineering systems, customer-facing applications, and infrastructure for 1600+ users at 19 global locations. Annual sales are approximately $560 Million.



  • Establishes overall strategy and execution plans for the global implementation of information technology.
  • Develops and maintains annual operations and capital budgets for information technology department.
  • Leads data security solutions, policies, and procedures in alignment with business objectives.  
  • Responsible for career pathing and talent development for the IT team.
  • Provides functional leadership for the global Information Technologies operation.
  • Oversees incident response planning, investigation of security breaches, remediation methods and countermeasures. 
  • Evaluates the cost-effectiveness of technology services to ensure optimal results.
  • Establishes and maintains critical and measurable service levels such as % uptime.
  • Maintains applications and introduces enhancements as appropriate.
  • Manages vendor relations for critical services.
  • Manages Global IT policies and procedures and Sarbanes Oxley annual audit and remediation.
  • Travels up to 50%, including international.

Required Skills

Skills Required

  • Well-developed communication skills in dealing with users at all service levels and locations.
  • The ability to design, implement and complete highly technical IT systems projects on a timely and cost- effective basis.
  • Strategic-thinking ability as it relates to large-scale system or service overhauls, and internal processes with an on-going awareness of technology shifts.
  • Extensive working knowledge of integrated ERP software, such as Oracle Applications, and its interaction with administrative and manufacturing support systems.
  • Strong working knowledge of PC communication networks and telecommunication systems and software.
  • Ability to lead teams and manage relationships across the global enterprise and outside of the organization.
  • Identifies the need for change and acts as a change agent.
  • Provides recommendations to ensure the right people, processes, and structures are in place across the business.
  • Motivates through vision and builds a cohesive, disciplined group of leaders.
  • Demonstrates excellent time management and delegation skills.
  • 10 years progressive leadership experience in technology services and equipment of which three are at the supervisory level.
  • Experience providing ongoing support within a global manufacturing operation.
Company Info
OPW Dover

United States

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